Vintage 80’s T-Shirt…

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Rare Vintage 1980’s Budweiser T-Shirt – Found at a Jumble Sale today for 50 pence! That’s like 65 cents. That’s definitely my Find of the day. You really never know what you’re gonna find when going to these Jumble Sales/Table Top Sales. Myself, I prefer a Jumble Sale; I’m totally addicted to these and think I’m pretty good at finding Treasures; even late in the day I manage to find something that so many other women have just thrown back on the pile and opted for a heavily worn item full of holes and really past its sell-by-date. Be prepared to get stuck in and you don’t necessarily have to be the first one there to grab an amazing bargain. I found this after a long battle to make it to the rummage table but totally worth the wait.

Flashback Friday

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I absolutely LOVE Yellowstone National Park. My fiance took me here in 2014 and it is one of the most amazing places. It is such a vast place which spreads into Montana, Wyoming and Idaho which gives you an idea just how vast it is. I am fascinated with Buffalo/Bison and was lucky enough to see a LOT of them on the day we went. No only did I see Buffalo but I saw bears & little chipmunks. Amazing scenery, geysers. Simply breathtaking!

Olympus ‘StyloNylon’ Street Case

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Its arrived! Love Love Love my new Olympus ‘StyloNylon’ Street Case Golden Light.

This is such a cool bag. Not only is it practical for my gorgeous E-PL8 but its a great fashion accessory at the same time.

So, Im all ready for my travels with my camera & accessories travelling safely with me πŸ™‚